5 Products From The Blooming Bagh That’ll Bring Positivity Into Your Home

What if we told you that your choice of home decor can help determine how much positivity you attract into your private space. Yes, you read it right. While decoration is an arena that makes the nooks and corners of your home look attractive, The Blooming Bagh philosophy is to ensure that it is not just the walls and tables of your house that bloom, but also your soul. How? By providing you with items that are bound to infuse affirmative waves around you and your loved ones.
Here are seven The Blooming Bagh products that you must add to your cart if you’re looking to add spirituality and positive vibes into your space. We’re here to tell you how!
  • Rainforest Owl Coaster: Did you know owls represent wisdom, development and positive transformation? The rainforest owl coaster, while being the decorative element for your side tables, cups, and glasses, also ties to the spiritual significance of new beginnings with a higher understanding. Having an owl item around you emits intuitive vibes you’d rather listen to.
    • Rustique Forest Wood Tray: Wooden trays, serving trays or cutlery trays = decorative trays at The Blooming Bagh. We’ve found the perfect way to integrate handmade crafts with a product that resonates with the rustic vibe of nature, bringing about peace and positivity right your way. Imagine getting to feel the calmness of a forest right in front of your eyes on a wooden serving tray that accommodates your coffee cups, tea mugs, ceramic cups, kitchen items, decorative jars,
    • Bright Birdie Wall Plate: This piece of handmade art reads ‘Small steps every day’. Inspiring you to take one day at a time, this plate is the necessary addition you need into your home. You can also place this over bed table and wake up on a positive note every morning.
      • Bee Yourself Coaster: Bee is not just a cute little bumble you can add to your interiors to bring about the quirky element, it is also has a spiritual significance. It helps manifest things and the future, symbolising fertility, good health and lots of prosperity. What better way to have some good luck come your way than to have it seated right in front of you while having a cup of your favourite beverage?
        • Good Vibes Only Wall Bracket: This product puts the message across in the most direct, simple yet chic way possible. Add motivation to your wall by accepting ‘Good Vibes Only’. Whether you’re a student, a professional or a homemaker, who doesn’t need good vibes?
          What are you waiting for? You don’t need to rush to the grocery store near you to get your hands on these symbolic, rustic, quirky and yet positive decor items. Get clicking at The Blooming Bagh website to get going!