5 Walls In Your Home That Deserve To Be Dressed By The Blooming Bagh Products

A house is what four walls and a roof over your head makes but here, at The Blooming Bagh, we inspire you to convert your house into a home by adorning your walls with the best of wall hanging products that are not just beautiful but also attract positivity into your lives by drawing a parallel connect with nature.

  1. Bedroom Wall: They say, “Wake up to a view”. We say, “Wake up to both a view and a thought”. What’s better than pretty flowers sending you a message to ‘Bloom where you’re planted’? Our Bigleaf Hydrangeas Wall Plate does exactly that.

  1. Living Room Wall: No living room is complete without good vibes. A common space for all the members of the family where everyone exchanges thoughts, views, laughter, and so much more- we suggest you adorn the walls of your living room with our Good Vibes Only  Wall Bracket.

  1. Staircase Wall: There’s no better way to be reminded to take one day at a time, one step at a time than while you’re actually taking steps and climbing the stairs of your home. Right? Get your hands on our Bright Birdie Wall Plate that reads ‘Small steps everyday’.   

  1. Bathroom Wall: Bathroom is the most under-rated yet important space where we unwind, reflect and let’s face it, most of us also plan the rest of our day while we’re either taking a shower or brushing our teeth. What if we told you that you could add the perfect touch of royal, nature and chic to your bathroom by dressing its wall with our Prismatic Rose Gold Wall Mirror? Yes, you read  it right. This sparkly geometric wall mirror will completely transform your bathroom experience for the better.


  1. Dressing Room Wall: Get ready to experience the surroundings of both mountains and the desert in your dressing room. How? All you need to do is adorn the walls with Alpine Mountain Hook and Stuck On You Cactus Wood Shelf. Perfect to accommodate your clothes as well as teeny-tiny dressing objects, these hooks are just what your do-me-good space needs.


Don’t hold up! Give your walls the makeover they deserve by attaching just one product each to ‘em. Move other the wall hanging paintings, it’s the time to experiment with convenient yet classy home decor, metal wall hangings, easy wall hangings and more- all with The Blooming Bagh.