Positive Start To 2022: Ring In New Year With These 5 Products From The Blooming Bagh

New years are all about new vibes, happiness and resolutions. What if you could start your 2022 on a positive note? Yes, that’s right. Decor plays an important role in instilling as well as exuding positivity in form of affirmations and ways that suck out negativity from your surroundings. Given how you and so many others directly or indirectly suffered in 2021, we, at The Blooming Bagh figured that it would be fitting to recommend you some decor pieces that’ll bring nothing but hope for a better 2022 amidst you.


  1. Good Vibes Only Wall Bracket: Trust us, there is no better way to attract positivity than by having the message put across as directly as possible via decor. We suggest you add alacrity to your 2022 with this wall bracket that reads ‘Good Vibes Only’.

  1. Pineapply Ever After Hook: Did you know pineapple is considered to be a symbol of warmth and friendship? And, keeping that in mind, this special burnt antique wood with a hand-carved pineapple wall hook has been designed to add that welcomeness and hospitality to your home as we embrace the new year with open arms. While at it, hang your essentials on it as you yourself continue to hang in there!

  1. Stuck On You Cactus Wood Shelf: While actual cactuses are symbols of strength and spirit, this cactus wood shelf minus the actual spine of the plant, is a pure objectification of a decor item that is bound to suck any negative energy surrounding your existence. Made of natural wood with a spotted pattern, the white knob of this product adds the desired contemporary finish to this otherwise raw, handcrafted piece and makes it a must-have for you as you commence the fresh year.

  1. Cake It Easy Hook: This hand-carved product with a white wood finish, is a constant reminder to make a place for little joys of life. Without any deep significance, this hook is nothing but a feel-good piece that will help you take the new year easy and in the process be easy on yourself as you use this item to keep things in place, right in front of your eyes.

  1. Bright Birdie Wall Plate: This product will act as your daily motivation in 2022 to take it one step at a time. Dress your wall with a positive message that reads ‘Small steps every day’. Printed iron plate with enamel and gold finish, this metallic plate comes with a hook at the back to be conveniently hung on the wall. So, what are you waiting for? Add this metallic piece to your cart and get ready to welcome 2022.

While you add these feel-good products to your cart, we also suggest that you rush if you wish to avail up to 25% OFF on your The Blooming Bagh purchase. Hurry, the clock is ticking! It’s almost gonna be New Year 2022, folks!  Do ring it in via appreciating contemporary art and sticking to its rustic Indian roots at the same time. Let 2022 be about pretty home corners, positive energy and love for Make In India.